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50th Reunion—May 14-17, 2020

A Message from Your Class Presidents

Dear Classmates,

This is not the message that we expected to be sending you about our 50th Reunion. Like all of you, we were very disappointed to learn that the coronavirus pandemic forced the College to cancel that event. But we understand that Smith, like other educational institutions, had to make some difficult decisions to help ensure the health and safety of our communities. Our hearts go out to the students, faculty, and staff as they work to find an alternate way to finish the academic year. 

We had so looked forward to being in Northampton in May for our 50th reunion to meet up with old friends and enjoy the company of our classmates as we reminisced about our lives since we graduated 50 years ago. The Reunion Team, ably led by Wendy McGann John and Janan Friedlander Frey, put much hard work into planning our 50th, and it is heartbreaking that many of their plans cannot come to fruition. At the same time, your other class officers have been hard at work supporting them and raising the funds for our 50th Reunion gift to the College. We are deeply grateful to all of them.  

Fortunately, one aspect of the 50th reunion plan remains on track—our Reunion Book. As planned, you will receive your copy of the Reunion Book in the mail, probably in May. Although we won’t be gathering together in person, it will allow us to catch up with friends and classmates indirectly. We hope it inspires some of you to reach out to people on your own.  

Looking ahead, the class officers and the Reunion Team are exploring new ways to bring our class together, if only virtually, for this important milestone. For example, we hope to offer an online version of the class memorial service and the class survey. Although our plans are still in an early stage, please save the afternoon of Saturday (May 16) for a possible online un-Reunion event.  We will send you further communications as our plans evolve.

It is somewhat ironic that in 1970 world events swamped the end of our senior year, and 50 years later world events have overtaken our reunion.  

May you all stay healthy!  

Gerry Smolka and Chris Sieradzki Stevens 

Class survey cartoon-March


What Does ’70 Really Look Like?

Update from your class survey team, Susan, Suzi and Lynne: Thank you to everyone who took the Class of ’70 survey. We’re at an impressive 58 percent return (Woohoo!) If you haven’t yet filled the survey out, we’re still taking responses and hope you won’t miss the boat before it sails next week. Then your survey team will get cracking to tabulate the results so that you can see “what ’70 looks like”—hopefully at our virtual reunion. How we wish we could be sharing them with you in person!

The deadline is April 1. Here’s the link to the survey:  


Here’s a reminder of what the survey is all about: As a class, what do we think about and care about? How do we use our time? How do we see our pasts and our futures at this moment? Help us answer these questions by filling out a completely anonymous survey covering these and other topics. The goal of the survey is to draw a portrait of our whole class that highlights our commonalities and our differences.

Class Fundraising Update

The results of the February challenge are here at last:

  • We far surpassed the match, with over $83,000 raised. Our Smith Fund total is currently at $482,500, bringing us much closer to our goal of $600,000.  

  • Participation was at 30% when we started. It is now at 48%, our all-time high. We’re still aiming to reach our goal of 55% by mid-May.

The Fund Team thanks everyone who took advantage of our match–we surpassed it! Once again, the Class of 1970 shows the world “What 70 looks like!” While we still have a way to go to hit our goals, given the unsettled times, we think it is best to take a break from direct fund-raising for a short (hopefully very short) while. The pressure on Smith students, staff, and faculty is immense. One concern is the extra expenses that students face as they make arrangements to leave Smith.  Smith has started an emergency aid fund in response to alumnae wanting to help. To donate online, click here.

(However, if you haven’t donated to the Smith Fund in this fiscal year (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020), and still would like to help, please do! Every gift counts, regardless of size, as are pledges made before the end of February and paid by May 15. Giving is easy–online at any time, send a check, transfer stock, or call if you would like. To connect with the Smith Fund, click here: Smith Fund or call 800-241-2056, option #1.)

Be sure to designate that the gift is for the Smith Fund. After you indicate the amount, click “Give.” On the next page check “Specify a designation” and select The Smith Fund or one of the “SF” areas that follows from the drop down menu.


Mary Pratt Grant, Fund Team Coordinator

Anne Harper and Christian Schley, Co-Special Gift Chairs                        

Susan Hunter, Planned Giving Chair

What Are You Doing These Days?

Please let your classmates know what you’re doing by sending news today to our Class Co-Secretaries. (No need to wait for the email request from the Smith Alumnae Quarterly sent to all classes.) Their contact information is on the password-protected Class Officers’ and Connections pages (see password hint below). That way we can stay connected until our 50th and beyond. 

Money, Money

Our 45th Reunion was great, and our 50th is almost here.  To ensure that we continue to have terrific reunions and stay connected as a class, we need your class dues. Only $70 for 5 years–where else can you get so much for less than 4¢ a day? See our Dues page for details on where to send your check and whether you’ve already paid.

Our Website

We have set up the site so that only the home page is public. Most other pages, especially those with names, posted photos, and emails are password protected and viewable by only you and your classmates. The password is easy to remember—and your hint is right here: the name of the pond where we rowed crew and went ice skating in the winter (one word, eight letters, all lower case).

Check the website often to stay connected until we gather again in 2020 in Northampton. Tell us what you’d like to see on the website, and we’ll do our best to keep it lively and informative. If you have content to post, send it along. If you are a website or tech person, we would love to have your input and help! Contact me with your ideas. Questions? Email Marlene Bellamy, Social Media Chair, at mbellamy [at] alumnae.smith.edu.

Communications Updates

Be sure your email address is listed and current in the Alumnae Association Directory. That is where we get the distribution list for our class email blasts. Only you can make changes to your profile by sending them to alumnae records@smith.edu. (Please do not send the information to us.) 

Join Our Class Facebook Group!

Our Smith Class of 1970 Facebook Group– https://www.facebook.com/groups/309169861311/gives us another wonderful opportunity to keep in touch. Click on the Facebook icon to visit. It is open only to members of the Class of 1970 who request an invitation.

You’ll need a Facebook account to join. Click to sign up. Using our class group is a good way to learn about Facebook, which is a fun way to connect. For example, joining the Smith College and Smith College Alumnae pages puts frequent posts with campus and alumnae news in your FB news feed (do a search for the desired page, then “Like” the page and check “Get notifications” to see posts in your personal news feed).

You don’t have to use Facebook for anything else and can set privacy settings so that only friends—those you invite or accept—have access to your profile and can post. You can also customize the privacy settings to limit access to others in the Smith network, for example.


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