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Looking Ahead

I know many of us are eager to get to campus and see the new library, while also having some sort of mini reunion. However, we will have to be patient. Recently, Lynne Withey shared with your class officers this information from Mary Irwin, the Director of Development for the library: Mary told Lynne that the library is not open to visitors now and that plans for the fall have not yet been determined. Library and other college staff have been “inundated” with requests for tours since the NY Times article appeared. The library is hiring a building manager, who will be in charge of tours. Once that person is in place, they’ll know more about how to handle visitors. However, Mary said It’s unlikely that visitors will be allowed before October. The college wants to get the students back on campus and make sure that all is going well before opening the campus up to others. Mary also confirmed that the official library opening will be Oct. 22.

We will continue to add updates on Facebook and our class website as more information becomes available.

If you want to get all email updates, please scroll down to the section below, Is your Contact Information Correct? Also, if you want to hear from the class without giving your email to the college (and note that you can choose to get only email from the class), please contact Marlene Bellamy or Peggy Moore; contact information is on the Class Officers page.

What’s Next?

Thanks to Zoom, we began holding house reunions that in some ways enabled deeper connections than we might have during an in-person reunion, when we were dashing here and there. Let’s keep this energy going until 2025! These suggestions can help:

Dues: To rebuild our treasury so that our 55th Reunion in 2025 is fabulous and we stay connected as a class, we need your class dues to cover the 2020-2025 period. Only $70 for 5 years–where else can you get so much for less than 4¢ a day? See our Dues page for details on where to send your check.

Virtual House and other Mini-Reunions: Many houses have had wonderful reunions already and continue to have regular Zoom sessions. For more information and online meeting resources, go to our Virtual Reunions page.

Class Survey: The survey team’s expanded report with the full survey results and additional commentary is now available. Click here to view it: 50th Reunion Survey

Class Book: We hope you enjoy reading about your classmates and will reach out to reconnect. (Didn’t get yours? Email us at smithclassof1970 [at] gmail.com.)

50th Reunion Scarves: We hope you are enjoying wearing your special reunion scarf. Wear it proudly, and post photos to our Facebook page! Many thanks to Deidre O’Flaherty for designing it and to those who joined her for the the mailing party: Susanna Natti (host), Susan Adams, Paula Cortes, Kathy Danen, Terry Marotta, Jane Sherwin. 

Virtual Art Exhibit: Please visit it and enjoy your classmates’ creativity. Our gallery is growing, so check back often and continue to send your submissions for the slide show; directions are on the page.

Fund Raising Update: Mary Grant and her team are proud to report that as of late May 2020, we raised $10,593,257 for our Total Reunion Gift, including $1,132,426 for the Class of 1970 Endowed Scholarship. For all the details, visit our Supporting Smith page.

Reunion Memories 

WOW! What a special time we had at our first virtual reunion webinar on Saturday, May 23. Over 200 classmates joined your class officers for a meaningful and fun presentation that included a Class Meeting, Service of Remembrance, Then and Now Video, and Virtual Alumnae Parade. If you missed it or want to revisit the videos, go to our password-protected 50th Reunion page for the link to our virtual reunion recording. (To “open the door,” type in the name of the campus pond, in lower case.)

To view the program for the Service of Remembrance presented during our May 23 Virtual Reunion, visit our In Memoriam page. (Scroll down to the Class Website section for the password hint.)

Let’s Be (Facebook) Friends!

Facebook offers another way to know the latest class news, catch up with old friends, and make new connections. Our private group is growing andnow has more than 150 members.

If you’ve hesitated to join Facebook because of privacy concerns, we assure you that this group is members-only. The site administrators verify all requests so that only classmates can become members and post. 

If you are not on Facebook yet but would like to join our private class Facebook group, there are two easy steps. Go to Facebook.com and follow the sign-up instructions. Once your membership is confirmed, go to the Smith Class of 1970 page and send a request to join. You can also set your privacy settings so that only friends—those you invite or accept—have access to your profile and can post. 

Our Website

We update this website regularly, with the latest information on the welcome page so you can find it quickly. This Welcome page is public.

Because of privacy concerns, most other pages are password protected (to prevent search engines and unwanted people from accessing our information) and viewable by only you and your classmates. The password is easy to remember: the pond where we rowed crew and went ice skating in the winter (one word, eight letters, all lower case). Questions? Please e-mail the Web administrator: smithclassof1970 [at] gmail.com.

Is Your Contact Information Current?

Are you getting class emails? If not, the Office of Alumnae Relations, which sends our broadcast emails, doesn’t have an email on file for you. To update your contact information, go to the Alumnae Directory and log in; click on “My Profile,” then “Update My Information.” Then scroll all the way to the bottom to Communication Preferences to specify which types of email you wish to receive—just class emails and club emails, for example. You can switch to “No email contact” at any time. You can also email your changes to  alumnaerecords@smith.edu. Only you can make changes to your profile; please do not send the information to us


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